Diamond Burs Airotor

/pk of 5pcs


SKUN/A Categories,

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Weight 0.03 g

TF-11, TF-12, TF-13, TF-14, TF-15, TF-16, TF-17, TF-18, TF-19, TF-20, TF-21, TF-22, TF-23, TF-24, TF-31, TF-41, TF-42, TF-43, TR-11, TR-12, TR-13, TR-14, TR-15, TR-16, TR-19, TR-20, TR-21, TR-22, TR-23, TR-24, TR-25, TR-26, TR-27, TR-29, MS-13, MS-14, TC-10, TC-11, TC-20, TC-21, TC-26, FO-11, FO-12, FO-13, FO-14, FO-15, FO-16, FO-21, FO-22, FO-23, FO-25, FO-27, FO-29, FO-30, FO-32, FO-38, SF-11, SF-12, SF-13, SF-21, SF-22, SF-31, SF-32, SF-41, SO-15, SO-20, SO-21, SO-24, SR-10, SR-11, SR-12, SR-13, SR-18, SR-19, RS-11, RS-21, RS-31, EX-11, EX-12, EX-20, EX-21, EX-23, EX-24, EX-26, EX-27, EX-28, EX-29, EX-31, EX-41, BR-30, BR-31, BR-40, BR-41, BR-45, BR-46, BR-49, BC-31, BC-42, BC-43, BC-44, BC-45, WR-11, WR-12, WR-13, WR-18, WR-19, SI-45, SI-46, SI-47, SI-48, SI-50, DI-40, DI-41, DI-42, CF-11, CF-12, CF-13, CF-14, CF-15, CF-17, CF-18, CF-21, CF-22, CF-25, CF-26, CF-28, CF-31, CF-32, TF-S11, TF-S12, TF-S13, TF-S18, TF-S19, TF-S20, TF-S21, TF-S22, TF-S23, TF-S24, TF-S31, TF-S41, TR-S11, TR-S12, TR-S13, TR-S21, TR-S22, TR-S23, TR-S27, TR-S29, TC-S11, TC-S20, TC-S21, FO-S15, FO-S21, SF-S11, SF-S12, SF-S31, SF-S32, SF-S41, SO-S20, EX-S20, BR-S31, BR-S41, BR-S45, BR-S46, BR-S49, BC-S42, BC-S43, BC-S44, BC-S45, SI-S45, SI-S46, SI-S47, SI-S48, DI-S40, DI-S41, DI-S42, CF-S21, CF-S25, CF-S26, CF-S28, TF-SS31, TR-SS21, SO-SS20, DI-SS41, CF-SS25, TF-L12, TF-L14, TR-L12, TR-L14, TC-L19, BR-L31, SF-L12, CF-L19, CF-L28, CF-L31, CF-L32, TF-11C, TF-12C, TF-13C, TF-15C, TF-16C, TF-19C, TF-31C, TF-45C, TR-11C, TR-12C, TR-13C, TR-14C, TR-26C, TR-62C, TR-S14C, TC-11C, TC-S21C, FO-25C, FO-28C, FO-30C, FO-32C, FO-54C, SF-11C, SF-12C, SF-13C, SF-21C, SF-41C, SR-11C, SR-12C, SR-13C, SR-14C, SR-18C, SR-19C, EX-11C, EX-14C, EX-25C, EX-26C, BR-30C, BR-31C, WR-12C, WR-13C, WR-19C, SI-47C, SI-48C, SI-50C, CF-11C, CF-13C, CF-14C, CF-17C, CF-21C, CF-22C, CF-28C, CF-31C, TF-12F, TF-21F, TR-11F, TR-13F, TR-21F, TR-25F, TR-26F, TC-11F, TC-21F, FO-21F, FO-22F, FO-30F, SR-10F, SR-11F, SR-12F, SR-13F, SR-14F, SR-18F, EX-17F, EX-18F, EX-21F, BR-48F, WR-31F, WR-S31F, CD-50F, CD-51F, CD-52F, CD-53F, CD-54F, CD-55F, CD-56F, CD-57F, CD-58F, CD-59F, CR-11F, CR-12F, CR-21F, CR-22F, CF-11F, CF-13F, CF-14F, CF-17F, CF-21F, CF-22F, CF-28F, CF-31F, TF-12EF, TF-21EF, TR-11EF, TR-13EF, TR-21EF, TR-25EF, TR-26EF, TC-11EF, TC-21EF, FO-20EF, FO-21EF, FO-22EF, FO-29EF, FO-38EF, FO-40EF, FO-41EF, FO-42EF, EX-21EF, BR-40EF, CR-11EF, CR-12EF, SR-11EF, SR-12EF, CF-22EF


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