Intra / Inter Dental Wedges

430 / 190 (per pk of 80pcs)

Elastic Wedges can be used as fixing wedges and also as a cord upon working with Cofferdam system. Forceps with special stoppers are preferable for installation.

Two types: Hard (blue) Soft (yellow) Benefits It is used as fixing wedges. It is an ultimate solution for using matrix bands without toefflemire PACKAGING:- Filay Dent Tor Vm Elastic Wedges – 40 Pcs: 1 x 20 Pcs (Hard) 1 x 20 Pcs (Soft) Filay Dent Tor Vm Elastic Wedges -10 Pcs (Hard) Blue: 1 x 10 Pcs Hard (blue) Filay Dent Tor Vm Elastic Wedges -10 Pcs (Soft) Yellow: 1 x 10 Pcs Soft (Yellow) DIRECTIONS TO USE:- STEP 1: Insert tines of forceps (see below) or of standard rubber dam clamp forceps into the wedge holes STEP 2: Stretch the wedge by forcing apart the forceps and in stall it in interproximal space STEP 3: Ready restoration


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